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Each person has a purpose. We strive for something to live for, seeking reason in every decision in each waking moment of life.
From the time I was born, I felt I had no purpose. At 14, I was homeless.
I struggled and bounced around from job to job. Waitressing, tow-truck driving, fighting fires, you name it – I tried it.
But the pain I felt since childhood didn’t go away.
Until I picked up a paintbrush and started painting. I felt lighter with each brush stroke. But I needed more of a release. I sketched, I bent wire, I cut sheet metal pieces with tin snips, and spent months cutting, wrapping, and joining pieces by hand.
But nothing sufficed. Until I picked up a plasma cutter and began welding. I finally found my purpose – to create and share art with the world.
Now, I spend my days painting murals, CREATING METAL SCULPTURES, and helping out around the community. I try to share my passion everywhere I go, in hopes I can inspire, teach, or help someone else find their release and in turn, their purpose.
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Rae Ripple
Rae Ripple has been featured on the Down to Business podcast, Monster Garage on Discovery Channel, and has been published in Welder magazine. She is partnered with AlumaReel, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric, FastCut CNC, Flame Technologies Inc. and Benchmark Abrasives. She has painted murals all over Texas and has installed metal work all over the world. She currently lives in Big Spring, Texas, with her fiancé and two children.

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