My Picks For The Top Social Media Influencers Of 2021

Author: John Brandon | Source: Forbes
Who you follow on social media says a lot about how you want to change as a person. For me, I look for influencers who have something to say about life and purpose, especially since I am about to release a new book about finding purpose in our jobs. For this year, my picks for social media influencers of the year are people who I’m following and paying attention to the most.
1. Kristel Bauer
2. Kat Norton
3. David Crowder

4. Rae Ripple

I like when an influencer is actually doing something, not just posting random thoughts. Rae Ripple is a welder and artist who often works on motorcycles, and talks about her projects on Instagram and other channels.

5. Jason Feifer
6. Mark Schaefer
7. Daymond John
8. Jon Acuff
9. Sadie Robertson Huff
10. Bob Goff

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