Rae Ripple: Fans of America’s Most Loved Metal Welder and Mural Artist Need to Check Out Her Website Immediately

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Are you a fan of Rae Ripple? Let’s face it, it’s hard not to be. From stints on Netflix’ Metal Shop Masters and Monster Garage on Discovery Channel, to the Down to Business podcast, her story, passion, and incredible welding/mural work has made us all fall in love with this icon of industry.
For fans, there’s no better place to keep up with Rae Ripple than her website. A homage to all that she’s done and continues to do, you’ll find lots of amazing pictures of her work, read what she’s been featured in, and there’s even lots of super cool Rae Ripple merchandise.
Here’s just a few reasons why fans of Rae Ripple need to check out her website immediately:
  1. You can keep up-to-date with all of Rae’s latest projects
Rae Ripple’s eye for design and awe-inspiring imagination means that her work transcends into popular culture. Sure, welders and metal artists are hooked on seeing what she’ll do next, but so are those who have no idea about the work and dedication that goes into each piece. If you’re a fan of her work, the best place to see it as it unfolds is through Rae’s website: raeripple.com
  1. It’s the best place to buy Rae Ripple merchandise – you won’t find cooler Rae merch online
Rae doesn’t just create epic metal work, but she does it in style. Well-known for her rustic yet modern clothing, fans wanted to know where Rae shops so that they could mimic her look. Rae decided to create her own shop and clothing line, and here you’ll find classic lumberjack style shirts, camo hoodies, block color jumpers, hats, stickers, posters and so much more.
To view Rae Ripple merchandise, visit her website: Rae Ripple online store
  1. You can reach out to Rae and enquire about her availability
Has something Rae has worked on recently caught your eye, and you’re envisaging a way for her to create something legendary for you? Or perhaps you want to commission her creative skills and ask her to design metal work or murals that are new and unique? The best place to make enquiries is directly through Rae’s website, via the online contact form.
  1. You can read Rae’s backstory, and see how she went from a homeless 14-year-old to a world-renowned welder and TV star
One of the reason’s Rae Ripple has become such a well-loved figure is her backstory. At 14 years old, Rae was homeless, bouncing from job to job. One day she picked up a paintbrush, and that all changed. Read Rae’s full backstory via the website and discover how she found her calling, now spending her days painting murals, creating metal sculptures, and helping around the community.
  1. Check out all of the latest online news about Rae Ripple
Rae Ripple is always on the go. From partnering with new and exciting companies to featuring on TV and radio, there’s plenty for fans to keep up with. Check out her website to watch trailers of shows she features in, to read blog posts about her backstory and career, and to view her heavy metal work and murals.
More Information:
Rae Ripple has been featured on the Down to Business podcast, Monster Garage on Discovery Channel, and has been published in Welder magazine. She is partnered with AlumaReel, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric, FastCut CNC, Flame Technologies Inc. and Benchmark Abrasives. She has painted murals all over Texas and has installed metal work all over the world. She currently lives in Big Spring, Texas, with her fiancé and two children. The best place to keep up-to-date with Rae Ripple is via her website: https://raeripple.com/
Rae Ripple

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