‘Metal Shop Masters’: Watch the Exclusive Trailer for the Welding Competition Hosted by Jo Koy

Source: ET Online
Metal Shop Masters promises to be Netflix’s latest addictive reality competition series. And ahead of its premiere in September, ET has the exclusive first look at the spark-filled race to the top of the heap.
Hosted by Jo Koy, comedian and star of several Netflix stand-up specials, the new series follows seven of America’s top welders as they face off in weekly challenges, from building “robots to road warriors.”
Designed to put these iron legends to the test, the six-episode season will see if one can survive the “pressure, heat and hustle” of the grind and “forge a path to victory” in order to become the Metal Shop Master. If not, then they. Get. Torched!
Based on the trailer, there’s enough sweat and tears to hook any viewer, especially fans of Netflix’s most fiery competitions, like American Barbecue Showdown and Blown Away.
Metal Shop Masters premieres Friday, Sept. 10 on Netflix.
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