Local artist will be featured on Monster Garage

Source: BIG 2 FOX24
BIG SPRING, Texas (FOX 24) – A local artist is getting national attention. She will soon be featured on the popular television series Monster Garage. Along with her amazing artwork, the Big Spring woman also has quite a story to tell after a very painful past.
“I do a little bit of everything,” said Rae Ripple, a local artist. “There’s a saying that art is best formed when you’re either falling apart or falling in love and most of my life I’m falling apart.”
Life hasn’t been easy for Rae Ripple.
“As a 14-year-old kid, homeless living on the streets, to an 18-year-old stripper with a tiny baby and not knowing how I was going to make it,” said Ripple.
But this single mother of two kept focused on her passion, her art.
“I’m very proud of her,” said Cash Ripple, her son.
“This town has been the only place that has ever embraced me or made me feel like family and made me feel like home,” said Ripple.
“It’s really cool how a woman can be that talented and do all of that herself,” said Cash Ripple.
Her incredible talent is getting her noticed.  She will soon be featured on the television series Monster Garage.
“I can’t tell you what you’re expected to see but just know it’s awesome,” said Ripple. “A lot of dangerous things are involved.”
She doesn’t shy away from her dark story and she uses it to spark encouragement in others.
“If you just never give up that fight to survive, you’ll always make it,” said Ripple.
You can see the artist on Monster Garage on January 25th which is on the Discovery Channel.  She also has other big projects in the works that she hopes to be able to share soon.
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